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The Times (London)

April 17 1989, Monday

Catalogue of terrace tragedy; Hillsborough Football Disaster

SECTION: Issue 63370.

LENGTH: 233 words

The disaster at Hillsborough was the worst in British sport and the third worst in international football. Previous catastrophes include:

1902: Twenty-five deaths at Scotland v England international at Ibrox Park when part of a stand collapsed.

1946: Thirty-three deaths at Bolton v Stoke City FA Cup tie at Burnden Park.

1964: More than 300 deaths when Lima crowd rioted over disallowed goal during Peru v Argentina Olympic qualifyer.

1967: Forty-two deaths at Kayseri, Turkey, when 15,000 spectators rioted.

1968: Seventy-three deaths in Buenos Aires during River Plate v Boca Juniors after burning paper thrown into crowd.

1969: Twenty-seven deaths in Bokavu, Congo, when too many let into stadium.

1969: Ten deaths in Kirikkale, Turkey, when fighting broke out between fans and shots were fired.

1971: Sixty-six deaths on stairway after Rangers v Celtic match at Ibrox Park, when fans trying to leave met others returning as late goal scored.

1974: Forty-eight deaths in Egypt when 80,000 allowed into stadium built for 40,000.

1985: Fifty-six deaths when fire destroyed main stand at Bradford City v Lincoln league match.

1985: Thirty-nine deaths when Liverpool supporters rioted at European Cup Final against Juventus in Brussels.

1988: More than 100 deaths when crowd rushed for cover to avoid violent hailstorm in match at Katmandu, Nepal.



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